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PGCert Dyslexia and Literacy Difficulties

This Dyslexia and Literacy Difficulties course from University of Birmingham is an online programme in the field of literacy difficulties and dyslexia. It is designed to prepare practitioners to critically evaluate and develop evidence-based practice to support learners with dyslexia and other literacy difficulties.

Quick Facts

Part-time Duration: PGCert – 12 months
PGCert AMBDA Enhanced – 15 months
Starting in: September
Tuition Fee: £7,050 per full (PGCert)
£9,400 per full (PGCert AMBDA)
Location: Online

The Dyslexia and Literacy Difficulties course from University of Birmingham draws on a range of research literature and policy to explore the typical development of literacy skills and how our understanding of these can enable us to identify those with literacy difficulties. You will have an opportunity to explore the current debate on dyslexia and critically evaluate different theories of why difficulties with literacy may occur.

You will be supported to design, implement, and critically evaluate individual literacy programmes for learners with literacy difficulties in a variety of learning environments (mono/bi/multi/FL/AL/SL). Those who choose the AMBDA option will be further supported in the principles of psychometric testing and conducting assessments of learners with literacy difficulties.

The programme particularly welcomes applications from students working in multi/bilingual contexts that include learners with dyslexia/literacy difficulties.

Courses included:

  • Understanding literacies difficulties
  • Discussing Dyslexia
  • Intervention and curriculum management for specific learning difficulties
  • Identification and assessment of specific learning Difficulties (SpLD)/Dyslexia

“The transition from undergrad to postgrad can be a big step up in terms of workload and what is expected of you, but there is so much support available to you as a postgrad student, from academic writing support (if you’ve been out of education for a few years or just want a bit of extra help) to mental health and wellbeing services. The careers support is fantastic – the uni puts on employer fairs throughout the year and you have access to one on one support from the Careers Network team, who can help you develop your skills ready for your next step!”

Emma Sutton // PhD Psychology


The qualification will allow you to apply for a range of careers in supporting learners with literacy difficulties and dyslexia, including working in schools, colleges, and universities.

Successful completion of the AMBDA module will allow you to apply for an Assessment Practicing Certificate. This qualification allows the holder to assess for dyslexia in the UK and certain other jurisdictions. It also allows the holder to assess for and stipulate access arrangements in public examinations. For those who decide to continue their studies and complete an MEd in Inclusion and Special Educational Needs (ISEN), there are opportunities to work in a range of roles in higher education institutions such as Universities.


  • You are are required to have a first degree in a related field and professional access to learners with literacy difficulties.
  • Applicants are also required to have at least two years’ experience of working with learners with literacy difficulties. For those working with children, it is expected that the student has been subject to the necessary checks in their jurisdiction.

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